When it comes to addiction or anger, one of the hardest steps is often the first—the recognition you have a problem that you need help with.

There is no need to fear—our accepting, non-judgmental therapists and support staff are here to guide you through the process.

Regardless of whether you are coming to us on your own or have been referred by the courts or probation, the treatment process at a high level is the same:

Your First Session

Drug Addiction Treatment Douglasville

Drug Addiction is one of the many types of addictions we treat

  1. Intake and Screening: Determining that your needs are within our scope of practice, collecting your information, establishing a billing arrangement (Ex: performing insurance verification/authorization or arranging cash payments), and connecting you with a therapist
  2. Assessment: a one-on-one discussion with your therapist to determine treatment needs.
  3. Treatment Planning: documenting treatment goals, timeline, and methodologies. This may include the utilization of community resources as well as the services of Stability Rebooted, LLC. Note that the treatment plan may be modified throughout the therapeutic relationship.


Your therapist will work with you consistently during frequent, regular sessions (1:1 and group, as applicable) to assist you in stabilizing the conditions that brought you to us. It is here you will learn the skills needed to reach a point of stable recovery and how to apply them.


Anger Management Douglasville, GA

Stability Rebooted, LLC specializes in treating anger disorders

After reaching a point of stability, this stage will have you demonstrate and refine the skills learned in the “Action” phase. As this stage progresses, 1:1 sessions with your therapist may become less frequent.

Winding down

As your treatment plan nears completion, the frequency of your maintenance sessions will reduce in preparation for discharge. It is at this stage that a relapse prevention plan will be cemented and the use of a natural support system solidified.


Upon completion of the goals in the treatment plan, a final 1:1 session with your therapist will occur to discuss maintaining your recovery without the assistance of us. This doesn’t mean you’re unwelcome to return—we’ll be here if you need us!

Evaluation & Assessment

Note that Stability Rebooted, LLC also performs evaluations and assessments of possible addiction and anger disorders. Often ordered by court systems, these take place in a single session lasting approximately an hour during which you will meet 1:1 with a clinician. Following this session, the clinician will prepare a report detailing any diagnoses you may have and possible recommendations for recovery or treatment. Note that evaluations performed pursuant to a court order are payable only in cash pursuant to requirements of the State of Georgia.