Treatment for Alcohol Abuse

Society tends to separate alcohol from other drugs but it poses a real threat to the mind, body and spirit.

Just like drugs, long-term use of alcohol destroys life by changing thought patterns, breaking down the body, and allowing for disconnection from relationships. Alcohol can cause a wide variety of permanent health concerns such as delirium tremens or cirrhosis of the liver. Medical detox may be necessary in order to monitor the body from the damage created from long-term use.

Treatment for Alcohol Abuse Douglasville

There is a difference between social drinking and alcoholism

There is a difference between social drinking and alcoholism.

Social drinking occurs infrequently with other people often during celebrations or holidays. Social drinkers can drink responsibly, know when they have had enough and leave drinks behind. Social drinkers do not have to center the event around alcohol. This is a pattern of low risk drinking that typically occurs once a week to a few times a month.

Alcoholics drink often, make time in their day to drink, drink too much, drink alone and drink during boredom or stressful events.

Alcoholics sometimes do not want to admit or do not see their drinking as a problem. This creates patterns of limited thinking and begins to change the person’s personality. High risk behaviors become more frequent and it becomes harder to stop drinking. Drinking becomes a daily activity and events are centered around drinking. The body begins to need alcohol to function.

There are many signs and symptoms of alcoholism.

Treatment for Alcohol Abuse

Signs of alcoholism can come from biological, physical, and environmental factors

Signs can come from biological, physical, and environmental factors.

Biological predisposition is when a person possesses internal qualities of the condition for example a parent was an alcoholic. This makes the person more susceptible to alcohol and has a higher risk of becoming an alcoholic than a person who does not have any biological factors.

Physical signs are when the body has developed a high tolerance for alcohol and needs it to function. This occurs after drinking excessive amounts of alcohol over a period of time. Some physical signs are anxiety, dizziness, shaking, sweating and aggression.

Environmental factors are anything that influence alcohol use such as having drinks after work. Although there is nothing wrong with having drinks after work on occasion, alcoholics may go alone or daily which could present a problem. Other environmental factors could be fighting with a spouse, having a bad day at work, or being stressed out over finances which all contribute to the urge to drink alcohol.

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