The opposite of addiction is connection!

One of the best ways to establish connections is attending a 12-step recovery meeting.  Recovery groups can be intimidating in the beginning because no one likes being the new guy.  No matter how intimidating, everyone in the group has been the new guy before.  At a recovery meeting, you will have the opportunity to meet some amazing people who all share recovery together.  It is important to feel comfortable with the group so you may get much needed support for your recovery journey.  If you are not feeling a connection after 3 meetings, find a new meeting!  There is one out there that you will fit into.  There are also groups out there for family members who are supporting a person in recovery.  These groups provide support, education, and empowerment.  There are even groups for teens.  There are several links throughout this post that will lead you to a group near you, just click on the purple words. 

Just a side note, not all meetings are religion based.  There are meetings for all different types of addiction.  There are online groups, groups that meet outside, groups that have fun sober activities and even professional groups.  Please look for support in your community to maintain your recovery and stay connected.  Check out Sober Nation to learn more.

If you or a loved one have a concern about a possible addiction issue or would like more information, please feel free to call Stability Rebooted, LLCs certified counselors at 1 (844) STABILITY to discuss.