Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a  brain disorder characterized by compulsive activities that create stimulating rewards despite negative consequences.

Gambling Addiction Treatment Douglasville, GA

Gambling is one of many types of addictions

The repetitiveness of these activities that provide the stimulation help develop addicted patterns of behavior.

Alcohol, marijuana, amphetamine, cocaine, nicotine, opioid, food, video games, gambling, internet, and sex are all different forms of addiction. Addiction affects the body, mind, spirit, family or any aspect of life.

As life becomes unmanageable, negative thought patterns increase. Continuing to use the addictive substance promotes mood disorders, distorted thinking, and many other life debilitating problems including incarceration or death.

Continuing to use substances could be a costly or deadly decision.

No addiction is too big to manage, but seeking professional help is difficult.

If doubt is there, so is the ability to change. The opposite of addiction is connection and connection is recovery. Make the connections necessary to manage recovery by seeking professional help.

Addiction is manageable!

With some hard work, honesty, guidance, and self love anyone can learn to manage addiction.

Addiction Treatment Douglasville GA

With some hard work, honesty, guidance, and self love anyone can learn to manage addiction.

Over time, changing patterns of distorted thinking, replacing unhealthy coping skills with healthy coping skills, and learning to reconnect with natural support increase hope for recovery. Having patience, being humble, and open-minded with self allows individuals to create successful recovery plans and develop lasting connections.

Stability Rebooted, LLC clinicians have over 10 years of experience working with diverse individuals suffering from addiction.

Compassion and understanding go a long way in understanding the addictive lifestyle. Our highly trained clinicians have many specialized and unique skills to increase self awareness and confidence to promote recovery.

Through individual and group experiential activities, anyone can learn the skills necessary to live a healthy productive pro-social lifestyle.

If you or a loved one may be suffering from an addiction, make the connection to begin your recovery today.